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      2.第一、二部分在“选择题答题区”作答。必须对应试卷上的题号使用 2B铅笔将“答题卡的相应代码涂黑。




      第一部分:阅读判断(第l~l0题,每题 l分,共10分)

      下面的短文后列出了10个句子,请根据短文的内容对每个句子作出判断:如果该句提供的是正确信息,选择A ;如果该句提供的是错误信息,选择B ;如果该句的信息文中没有提及,选择C。在答题卡相应位置上将答案选项涂黑。

      Booking Online and Saving the Environment

      When you are looking to book a holiday, it is unlikely that you will think about how green your booking decision is, but it is something that you should think about. By“green”we mean the pact on the environment.

      When looking to book a holiday, you will probably find that you are faced with two main decisions. The first is to go into a travel agency, pick up brochures(宣传册)read through them and go back with just one and book with the travel agents directly or over the phone. The second is to go onto the Internet

      The Internet holds many advantages over the travel agencies. The main one is convenience. You can go online to look at holidays at any time of the day. The travel agents, however, are usually very busy at times when people can actually go, i.e. lunch hours or at the weekend. You could use the telephone, but you wouldn’t be able to see the pictures or the details of the holidays, so you would probably be sent a brochure anyway.

      There are websites on the Internet that make shopping for holiday deals much easier. These websites are known as price comparison websites. They search through lots of different tour operators, and the results are displayed on one page, from which you can choose.

      Compared with the travel agencies, booking online is greener. The piles of brochures are definitely not green, and the amount of unnecessary paper used can’t be good for the environment. In the days of the Internet, there is really no need for such a large amount of paper to be wasted. So booking online will not only save you time and effort, it will do a little bit towards saving the environment, too!

      1. When planning holidays, few people will think about being green.

      A. True B. False C. Not Given

      2. There are two main choices when people look to book their holidays.

      A. True B. False C. Not Given

      3. People go to travel agencies and make their decisions directly.

      A. True B. False C. Not Given

      4. The main advantage of booking online is saving money.

      A. True B. False C. Not Given

      5. Many people go to travel agencies at lunchtime.

      A. True B. False C. Not Given

      6. Booking holidays by telephone requires less communicative skills.

      A. True B. False C. Not Given

      7. There are limited choices at price comparison websites.

      A. True B. False C. Not Given

      8.Travel agencies make the best use of price comparison websites.

      A. True B. False C. Not Given

      9. Travelers collect brochures as a hobby.

      A. True B. False C. Not Given

      10. Booking online is a way to save the environment._

      A. True B. False C. Not Given



      Urban Gardening

      Urban gardening refers to the practice of planting a garden c the city. Apartments, town homes, and other areas with little or no land are being used for gardening. This method of gardening is becoming more common as the amouns of land for gardening in cities is becoming smaller and smaller.

      Containers, hanging baskets and raised beds are examples of items people use to create a garden in a confined space. Some cities also offer a shared community garden for people who have no room to grow plants at home.

      Many types of plants can be g ow in containers and baskets. Tomatoes and peppers, for instance, can grow in containers on windowsills(窗台)Plants grown on a windowsill should 00Zi.bhaNoaanamMb00miabIaIasos.moeNe containers or baskets in the kitchen. They do not require much space and can be handy f cooking.

      People who want to grow more plants may use raised beds which are usually made of wood pieces and filled with a mixture of soil and fertilizers. They can be built on top of any hard surface , including roof tops. People like them because the beds often cost much less than most other methods of gardening.

      Community gardening could be an option for anyone who does not have space for a garden at home. Most cities that offer this will rent a small plot and to someone for a fee, or allow them to use it free of charge. Instead of dividing the and into separate plots, some cities allow everyone in the neighborhood to share and work on the same land. This method could be beneficial for people in the neighborhood who share the passion for growing things.

      11. Urban gardening came into being as a result of .

      A. the lack of land for gardening B. new technology

      C. government encouragement D. the increasing population

      12. The word“confined” (Para. 2) means .

      A. open B. empty C. limited D. occupied

      13. Plants grown on windowsills require a lot of .

      A. water B. space C. soil D. sunlight

      14. Raised beds are popular because they .

      A. are efficient B. are cheap C. last long D. contain fertilizers

      15. Community gardening is beneficial because it

      A. saves more land B. requires less work

      C. increases output D. connects people




      My Science Teacher

      ①Usually when people decide to be teachers, they go to college, get a degree, and find a job at a school They prepare lesson plans, give out homework, and make up tests. To them, it is just a job, a way to make a living. But for my science teacher, Mrs. Cook teaching is not just her job; it's who she is. She teaches through her heart.

      ②She has so much enthusiasm in her lessons. She is the one who goes out late at night to buy 10 pounds of sugar for our experiments. She brings in water, from the nearby canal to make her point, and to make us remember the lesson. She makes us think that each new fact could change our lives.

      ③Mrs. Cook wants all of us to do well in school. She tries to reach each student. She neither ignores the sleeping kid in the back, nor lets the problem students alone. She shows special concern to slow students, and often helps them after school. None of us can slip away from her attention.

      ④Middle school is probably one of the hardest times of our lives. We change friends so often, and fight with our parents constantly. But Mrs. Cook has made this year so much better for us than it could have been. we know that if we had to turn to anybody, it would be her. And I'm not alone in feeling this way; she is a role model for our whole class.

      ⑤Science had never been my favorite subject . I had never borrowed science books. I had never performed experiments in my home. But this year, it's the science class that I don't mind waking up for, the test I don't mind taking. I have Mrs.Cook to thank for that. She has taught us so much more than just a single subject.

      Task 1

      16.Paragraph ①:_____

      17.Paragraph ②:_____

      18.Paragraph ③:_____

      19.Paragraph ④:_____

      20.Paragraph ⑤:_____

      A. Mrs. Cook makes our school life easier.

      B. I enjoy science class now.

      C. Mrs. Cook cares about each student.

      D. Mrs. Cook is strict with her students.

      E. Mrs. Cook's lessons are well-prepared.

      F. Teaching is more than a job for Mrs. Cook.

      Task 2

      2l. To become a school teacher, one needs

      22. Mrs. Cook often goes out to collect

      23. Mrs.Cook offers slow students extra help

      24. Our whole class take Mrs. Cook as

      25,I am lucky to have Mrs. Cook as

      A. in class

      B. my teacher

      C. after school

      D. a role model

      E. a college degree

      F. teaching materials



      Lack of Sleep Is Dangerous

      Do you know that if you miss out too much sleep you will die? It's true! If you stay awake for a long, long time, your brain and body will break down.

      The unofficial world record for staying awake is 11 days, and it's held by Randy Gardner. 26 He also had help from TV and radio reporters, a sleep researcher and a doctor.

      What happened ? 27 Then his brain started to lose sense. On day 4, he thought a street sign was really a person. On day 6, he began to speak very slowly. On day 9, he couldn’t finish sentences. On ty 10, Randy thought he saw a forest in the next room. 28 Eventually, after he'd broken the world record, Randy was told to go to sleep.Experiments that keep people awake for dangerously long periods are always stopped before the patients break down .

      Rats, however . aren’t so well cared for. 29 That's sooner than if they'd been allowed to sleep but were given no food. They get really thin. But that’s not because se they stop eating—quite the opposite. Even though these rats are eating food, their bodies can't process it in the normal way. On top of that, their little bodies lose more heat than normal, which makes them weak. This means that they need more food to stay at a healthy temperature. 30

      And that's what lack of sleep does for you.

      A. In fact, he went a bit crazy.

      B. Normally rats wouldn't catch a cold.

      C. Towards the end, the health of these rats is failing.

      D. When kept from sleeping, they die within three weeks.

      E. Randy asked two of his friends to stop him falling asleep.

      F. First of all staying awake long made Randy bad-tempered.



      Talking Counts!

      Most words in a child's vocabulary come from everyday encounters with language.

      Children 31 up language from books, media, and conversations.

      You can increase your child's vocabulary and 32 knowledge by having conversations with them. With babies, you can talk to them about what you're doing so they can begin to 33 words with concepts. As your baby begins to speak, start asking, “What's that?” when 34 to objects or pictures. Elaborate on their 35 answers as a way to have them listening to more words. “Yes, that is a banana! It's 36 and smooth.”

      With young children, you can talk about the things you see in your 37 . on trips around town, or on television. These conversations help build a child's 38 of his world When reading, pause to ask questions on the story. Ask,“Why do you think he did that? or “What do you think going to happen 39 ? Tell your children stories from your own life, or about the day they were 40 . This helps develop their personal and cultural identity.

      A. link B. simple C. secondly D. neighborhood E. yellow

      F. build G. understanding H. pointing I. pick J. born

      K. background L. next



      Water Shortage Getting water seems (seem) so easy for many people. You will be 41 (mistake) if you think there is an 42 (end) supply of water. In fact, the world has a water shortage. Seventy percent of the world is 43 (cover) in water. But most of it is salt water. Only a small 44 (percent) is fresh drinking water .Countries 45 (include) Spain, Italy and South Africa actually import water from countries such as the United States and Australia. 46 (surprising), 1.1 billion people on earth have difficulty 47 (get) clean drinking water. This global problem is predicted to get 48 (bad) as the atmosphere becomes warmer.

      Every person in Britain 49 (use) about 150 litres of water a day. In some countries people only have 5 to 10 litres a day! They would be 50 (shock)to learn how we waste drinking water.



      51.某英文报社正在举办题为“An Unforgettable Holiday” 的征文活动。请就此题目写一篇英文短文应征,内容包括:



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